“X” Marks the Spot!
“X” Marks the Spot!
February 04, 2021
Come Sail the Seven C’s to Discover José Gaspar’s Hidden Treasure!


With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers filling our minds and media sources with hopes of victory, the “last of the Buccaneers,” José Gaspar, the famous 18th century pirate, along with his hidden treasure, came to mind. Legend has it that while one treasure sank with his ship off the West Coast of Florida, one still remains on land. As a Tampa-based law firm, we are fortunate to provide legal services to our clients while calling the Gulf Coast home. After sailing through seven of the best “C’s” the Bay Area has to offer, you’ll have to agree with us that Tampa Bay is the real hidden treasure.

1. Culture. The West Coast of the Sunshine State is a diverse melting pot of backgrounds, talents, food, and interests. Dynamic neighborhoods like Ybor City, Seminole Heights, Riverwalk, and St. Pete bring art, cuisine, and music to the forefront. Family-friendly activities, festivals, museums, and attractions will get the kiddos off their tablets and soaking up the Vitamin D. The Gasparilla festivals and ceremonies, inspired by Gaspar himself, that span the month of January are spectacles of fashion, intrigue, and bounty.

2. Convenience. With a centrally located airport, consistently ranked in the top 5 among U.S. airports, cruise ports, and interstates aplenty, you have easy access to wherever the winds may take you. Is I-4 on the way to Disney always fun? Maybe not, but there’s an audiobook for that!

3. Celebrities. From sports stars to Hollywood icons to business tycoons, those “in the know” know that Tampa Bay is the place to stay, work, and play. Not naming names, but the Bucs winning the Big Game isn’t “Mission Impossible”…

4. Cutting edge. Key innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs have chosen Tampa Bay as a hub of creativity, investment, and growth. Companies like Synapse, Florida Funders, Embarc Collective, and Tampa Bay Wave are facilitating economic development and putting TPA on the map by connecting like-minded growth-focused businesses with financial and strategic support. There are plenty of local “sharks” to get chummy with, including ABC’s “Shark Tank” guest shark Sara Blakely, who calls Clearwater hometown.

5. Continued growth. Tampa is one of America’s top-10 fastest-growing large cities, increasing in size by approximately 1% each year. This spells significant returns for real estate investment, employment numbers, and consumer spending in the upcoming years. The absence of state income tax doesn’t hurt, either.

6. Conditioning. Tampans won’t make you walk the plank, but there are plenty of us who can help you learn to plank. If it’s an active lifestyle you seek, you’ll find it in the Bay, where the sun is shining and the grass is literally always greener.

7. Champions. It may be a bit pre-mature, but whether they win or lose on Sunday, the Buccaneers will always be our champs. Best of luck (or is it break a leg?) to the entire Bucs organization as they fill the national spotlight this weekend!


This blog was written by Haley Lemon.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is for educational purposes only and does not offer nor substitute legal advice. Additionally, this blog does not establish an attorney-client relationship and is not for advertising or solicitation purposes. Any of the content contained herein shall not be used to make any decision without first consulting an attorney. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision not to be based on advertisements or blogs. Hunter Business Law expressly disclaims any and all liability in regard to any actions, or lack thereof, based on any contents of this blog.</p align=”justify”>

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