Top 7 Quotes of Highly Successful Salespeople
Top 7 Quotes of Highly Successful Salespeople
February 09, 2012

It takes 21 days to make a habit, so by memorizing these 7 quotes and 
repeating them to yourself for 21 days, you will have developed an efficient 
and effective selling habit.

  1. “WHAT HAVE I DONE TODAY TO GENERATE BUSINESS FOR TOMORROW”Before the highly successful salesperson leaves their office for the day, they will repeat this quote to themselves. Whatever type of daily organizer or appointment schedule you use, you need to look at it prior to leaving your office and make sure that you have activities on the books for tomorrow. For example, you will have scheduled confirmed appointments on the books, or you will have sales contracts to write, or you will have prepared a list of clients to call on your call back list, etc. This will double or even triple your personal production.
  2. “MY INCOME IS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE SERVICES I RENDER TO OTHERS”Highly successful salespeople deliver exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale. By giving your clients exceptional customer service, they will be more willing to refer you and your company to their friends, family, and co-workers. Thus dramatically increasing your referral business. We all know that referrals are the #1 internal marketing vehicle. So, by memorizing this quote, you will have more satisfied customers and also dramatically increase your income due to the increased referral business.
  3. “THE MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENT IN BUSINESS IS POSITIVE MOMENTUM, GET IT AND KEEP IT”The “big MO” is something that all successful salespeople find, build and maintain at ALL times. In order to get and keep positive momentum, there are some areas that you need to avoid. Some of these areas are negative people, bad business decisions, costly advertising mistakes, poor time accountability, and blaming others for your failures. Positive momentum is developed first and foremost by your attitude. Conceive your business strategies, believe in your business strategies, and then go out and achieve your business goals.
  4. “IN ORDER TO WIN A MAN/WOMAN TO YOUR CAUSE, YOU MUST FIRST MAKE A FRIEND”This is just plain old sales 101. Before anyone buys anything from you, they must first like you and trust you. Before they like you or trust you, you must be a friend to them in their eyes. Always remember that the client is buying you, not your product. So once they are your friend, they will buy from you. Also, this quote will greatly help you in your personal life as well.
  5. “THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WISE PERSON AND A FOOL IS THAT THEY BOTH FACE THE SAME CHALLENGES, THEY BOTH MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES: THE WISE PERSON LEARNS FROM THEIR MISTAKES”We will all make mistakes in business and that’s alright. Just don’t continue to make the same mistake over and over again. For example, a fool is a person that constantly arrives to work late every day, or constantly misses their weekly/monthly sales quota, or is constantly running the same advertisement every month but the telephone never rings from that particular advertisement. In order to become a wise person, it takes constant focus on all of your decisions regarding any business or sales issue.
  6. “YOU CAN’T DO THE SAME THING EVERYDAY AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT”As professionals, we are either moving forwards or backwards in life, we are never standing still. Highly successful salespeople constantly strive to move their careers forward, thus producing more appointments, sales, income, and professional career advancements. If for whatever reason you find yourself moving backwards, you need to refer to Quotes #1, #2,#3,#5, and #7.
  7. NO SALES, NO MONEY — KNOW SALES, KNOW MONEYSales is a learned responses. The more knowledge and information you can obtain pertaining to sales, the higher your income will be! Individuals that state that they are a born salesperson, are speaking nonsense. To become highly successful in sales, it takes a tremendous amount of time to read as many sales books as you possibly can, or attending as many sales seminars that you can, or listening to tapes or CD’s in your car on the way to work so you can constantly continue to educate yourself on sales. I can assure you that your competitors’ top salesperson is constantly building his/her library of knowledge of sales material, are you? Once you “know” sales, you will “know” money because your knowledge is greater, your attitude is stronger, and your self-confidence is bullet proof!

By Aubri Shauger-Haley

Small Business Enterprise Specialist for the city of 
Saint Petersburg, Florida

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