Tips for the New Year of all New Years – Hope for 2021
Tips for the New Year of all New Years – Hope for 2021
December 10, 2020

Around the corner is a new year. And every new year – really every ‘tomorrow’ – brings a psychological sense of a clean slate. What an incredibly liberating thought, especially given that it is hard to imagine a year more in need of an end than 2020.
So, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we present five New Year’s resolutions for a happier, healthier business in 2020.
Just be sure to leave your business baggage at 11:59 p.m. as it will not make your connecting flight to next year.
Sow Today, Reap Tomorrow
Here are five business resolutions for a healthy and prosperous new year.

1. Check Your Rearview. It’s been said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So, make time to reflect on your business from 2020. Ask yourself: could you make changes that will make you (and your team) more effective and efficient in 2021 – and beyond? Push yourself to think of a post-COVID existence and the changes you made due to the virus that should be continued. Just be sure that your reflection yields actionable items – and not regret or discouragement. New year, new you, new business opportunities, remember?

2. Have Goals. Big and Small. Take time to make a list of goals for 2021. Set some smaller, more attainable goals and big, bold goals. Then determine what you need to do to achieve them – every day, every week, and every month – and prominently display your list so you can see it every day. Be bold, be specific, be strategic, and be unrelenting. And don’t forget to celebrate reaching each one, big or small.  This is a great exercise to share with a spouse, partner, friend, or children who can hold you accountable and applaud your achievements.

3. Don’t Be the Smartest Person in the Room. We think that some of the best advice – in business and in life – is that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. You can’t grow if you aren’t a lifelong student, continuously learning. Find a business advisor or coach, join a mastermind group, leverage your business attorney, insurance agent, and CPA. Lean on those in your circle whose experiences and industries may differ from yours for a wealth of knowledge and advice.  Or take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that has been packaged into podcasts, consumable on a healthy walk that is part of your new morning routine.  I’ve become addicted to the books on Audible by Mel Robbins.

4. Get Organized. And we don’t just mean Marie Kondo ‘organized’ – though that’s critical, too. Organize your physical spaces as needed and get your mind organized, too. Maybe you need to block off time to get your office in order. Maybe you need to start journaling or writing to-do lists to quiet your mind. Your productivity can increase exponentially with just a little bit of organization.  My organizational plan for 2021 includes sticking to the calendar blocking I embarked on in 2020 but strayed from on a regular basis.  To reach my goal of not working late every night, I must block several hours a day for concentrated work on documents – no calls, no email, no meetings, and no interruptions.

5. Stay the Course. Once you’ve reflected on 2020, set goals big and small, surrounded yourself with brilliant people, and organized the part of your life that has caused chaos, it is time to stay focused on your chosen plan for 2021. You may stumble or seek out detours. Fret not! Give yourself grace and remind yourself that missteps are proof that you’re trying – and it just takes putting one foot in front of the other to correct course.  The main point is to live with intention each day of 2021.

This year, next year, and every year beyond, we’re committed to the success and vitality of your business. For a business law partner dedicated to entrepreneurs, contact Hunter Business Law today.

2020 is your year – and we can help.

This Blog was written by Hunter Business Law’s Founding Partner, Sheryl Hunter, Esq. 

DISCLAIMER: This blog is for educational purposes only and does not offer nor substitute legal advice. Additionally, this blog does not establish an attorney-client relationship and is not for advertising or solicitation purposes. Any of the content contained herein shall not be used to make any decision without first consulting an attorney. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision not to be based on advertisements or blogs. Hunter Business Law expressly disclaims any and all liability in regard to any actions, or lack thereof, based on any contents of this blog.

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