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The protection of your brand is critical for positioning your business appropriately as you grow, your enterprise value, and especially if you desire to franchise, merge or sell your business.  Hunter Business Law understands your intellectual property directly impacts your brand and should be protected as an essential asset.  Working in close partnership with you, Hunter Business law will develop, implement, and protect your intellectual property portfolio, safeguarding your intellectual property and maximizing your unique brand and competitive advantage.  Hunter Business Law is also fully prepared to defend your intellectual property from threats of infringement, misappropriation and dilution should the need arise.

Selecting and Protecting Your Name:

The name of your company is a crucial decision that is often not given sufficient consideration. Is the domain name available? Can the name be protected as a registered trademark or is it merely descriptive or generic? Might you violate someone else’s intellectual property rights by using that name you think is so unique? Read our ebook before you settle on a name, then call us to build your brand around the chosen name

Trademark Lawyer:

Hunter Business Law’s Trademark Services include the evaluation of the trademark you wish to register, the preparation, submission, and monitoring of your registration request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the communication of important reminders of maintenance deadlines and the management of your overall trademark portfolio. Additionally, Hunter Business Law’s experienced trademark specialists can anticipate pitfalls, helping you avoid issues before they occur and determining the most cost-effective manner in which to do so.

Copyright Lawyer:

Copyrights are an important element in protecting your intellectual property and maintaining your company brand.  In the era of technology, the ease and speed of copying and distributing protected materials, while at the same time enlarging the scope of what is protectable in the first place has drastically increased. Hunter Business Law is here to help you protect and maintain your copyrighted assets by providing you with practical advice and guidance, as well as filing for the protection of your copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Patent Lawyer:

Our firm does not provide patent services directly but has a strong network of patent attorneys with whom we work with to meet your patent needs.

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