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Hunter Business Law’s Commercial Litigation Department focuses on solving an array of commercial disputes representing businesses in a wide variety of industries within the state and federal trial and appellate courts of Florida.  Specifically, Hunter Business Law provides legal counsel to businesses, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, including those matters related to pre-suit dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and appeals.

Hunter Business Law understands the risks, financial impact and challenges associated with the dispute resolution process and it possesses the skill, competence and professional expertise necessary to steadfastly guide you, while putting its collective experience in business law, commercial litigation, and entrepreneurial focus to work for you.  Although litigation may in some circumstances be unavoidable, Hunter Business Law advocates for the efficient resolution of disputes as opposed to protracted and costly litigation, and as such, promotes the implementation of precautionary measures for litigation avoidance and offers counseling to help you ensure your compliance with applicable state and federal law.  Should litigation arise, or if you desire to proactively work toward reducing your risk of a dispute developing, Hunter Business Law is at your service.

Commercial Litigation Experience:

  • Winning an emergency evidentiary hearing, where our client was foreclosing on a property where the business tenants were creating a public nuisance that was likely to result in the loss of the property’s desirable zoning designation (worth several hundred thousand dollars), if immediate action was not taken.
  • We prepared for every contingency, and as a result, the judge ordered the appointment of a receiver (a person placed in the custodial responsibility of the property in order to safeguard it from losses), effectively stopping the nuisance and saving the property from what would have been a significant drop in value to the owner.
  • Prevailing at trial, for a local business against a party wrongfully claiming that the business had “stolen” products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which had been left at our client’s business for consignment by a third party. The court found fully in our client’s favor on all claims and awarded our client damages.
  • Resolving a customer dispute, where the customer filed a lawsuit against our client seeking damages of nearly $500,000, without our client needing to pay the customer any additional money and leaving the customer happy.
  • Obtaining over six figures in judgments for our client for monies owed to her under a promissory note, for both the monies owed and our client’s attorney fees and court costs.
  • Successfully defending against members of a limited liability company attempting to appoint a receiver to take over and shut down our client’s business.
  • Successfully defending against the enforcement of an approximate $300,000 personal guarantee, in addition, the Court ruled we were entitled to our attorney fees for such defense.
  • Prevailing in arbitration striking an extremely punitive damages clause from being used against a local business and also shielding the business owners themselves from personal liability.
  • Sending numerous demand letters for clients resulting in the collection and debt payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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