May 26, 2017
Working with growth-focused entrepreneurs and their business enterprises gives our team the opportunity to meet bright and talented business men and women; David Capece, Founder & CEO of Sparxoo, an integrated digital marketing agency in Florida, is no exception. With his permission, I share this clever post filled with smart ideas for any leader. Learn more about igniting growth with the help of Sparxoo here:


Hello Fellow Trendsetters,

We’re all really busy trying to conquer the world and survive the jungle.  I know it’s challenging to keep up with the best in the industry, so I’ve curated my “Ferocious Five” to make life easier.  From one lion to another, I look forward to sharing leadership and digital inspiration with you in the months ahead.

  1. Be Inspired.Bain & Company recently published its 33 distinguishing leadership characteristics in  How to be an Inspirational Leader. Below, I’ll connect 4 of the characteristics to digital inspiration.
  2. Win with Emotion.Immersed in digital every moment, some of the best sites, apps, and experiences have been designed for emotion.  Read more on Medium: Design for Emotion.
  3. Co-Create with Agility.If you’re like me, you’ve been in one too many brainstorming meeting, and it’s time to get started on sprinting yesterday.  If you’re ready to change, read Stop Brainstorming and Start Sprinting.  As a bonus, our agency is now reading the book Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.
  4. Be Focused.Digital marketing is more effective, efficient (and fun) because you can truly target and track your spend.  If you want to be on the cutting edge, read Google’s article on Making YouTube Better in Mobile.
  5. Empower with Harmony.To inspire creativity and company culture, we moved into our new state-of-the-art office last year and were named Top 20 Coolest offices in Tampa Bay.  Be inspired for your next great work space with Office Ecologies: A Different Perspective on Workplace Design.

As I share the Ferocious Five, I welcome any feedback.  And of course, I know how valuable your safari time is, so just say the word and we’ll take you out of the lion’s lair.
Happy Hunting,
Sparxoo’s Fearless Leader

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