Hunter Business Law’s services cater to those who cater to us. Whether you are a seasoned restaurant owner exploring ways to scale or a new restauranteur, our experience, knowledge, and highly-customized legal representation will prepare you for what’s ahead.


The New Restaurant Package is ideal for those of you looking for high-value guidance as a new restauranteur.

Services you can expect along the way include:

  • Education on how to properly form your business (LLC, Corporation, Trust, Partnership, etc.);
  • Customized business plan;
  • Strategic Planning for Operations;
  • Intellectual property services;
  • Protecting your brand’s identity while making sure it doesn’t violate another’s intellectual property rights;
  • Securing investors and raising capital
  • Labor & Employment;
  • Commercial Leasing or Purchase; and
  • Regulatory Compliance: health and safety code, disability accommodations, liquor permits, etc.

Purchase and Sales Services

Hunter Business Law can also serve as a transactional closing agent for the purchase and sale of restaurants.

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Restaurant operations face a variety of legal issues along the way. With our outside General Counsel approach, you will have access to experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, ready and able to assist. Some of the things you can expect from bringing HBL onto your team:

Services you can expect along the way include:

  • Expansion Planning (Corporate or Franchise);
  • Financing for Growth;
  • Ownership strategy & equity incentive structures;
  • Strategic Business Succession Planning;
  • Intellectual Property Compliance and Protection Audit;
  • Marketing the Legal Way;
  • Labor & Employment Maintenance;
  • Regulatory Compliance Auditing; and more.