The Entrepreneur’s Franchise Team™

Whether you are looking to expand your business through franchising, want to purchase a franchise, or require guidance in regard to compliance with franchise regulations and other business laws, The Entrepreneur’s Franchise Team™ is here to help from start-up through exit, and everything in between. – Sheryl Hunter, Esquire

The Entrepreneur’s Franchise Team™ will provide guidance as to the proper structure of your franchise, review and offer advice for all franchise related agreements and documents, such as Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), franchise agreements, licensing and distribution agreements, area developer agreements, and so much more. We will be there to ensure you are in compliance with the local registrations, as well as registrations and compliance that may be required in each state in which you operate. Additionally, The Entrepreneur’s Franchise Team™ will be able to evaluate if your business qualifies for various filing or disclosure exemptions.

Ensuring that your franchise structure, documentation, and compliance are in order at the onset of your venture is vital to avoid the substantial cost of fixing future issues caused by cutting corners in the beginning. However, it is never too late to obtain a full audit of your company and goals to ensure you are in the best position you can be.

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Becoming a Franchisor:

  • Explore your franchise options, alternatives to franchising, and discuss whether the company is ‘franchise ready’
  • Evaluate and select of appropriate franchise structures
  • Determine which US states or countries to launch the franchise
  • Structure of the legal ownership and entity formation
  • Develop a customized business plan
  • Prepare Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)
  • Prepare Franchise Development Agreements
  • Provide counsel related to applicable antitrust and securities’ laws
  • Provide marketing and branding consulting
  • Explore funding options

Becoming a Franchisee:

  • Structure of the legal ownership and entity formation to purchase an existing franchise
  • Advise as to the risks, obligations, and common challenges
  • Review of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD), other disclosure documents, and franchise agreements
  • Review, analysis, and negotiations of franchise-related documents
  • Provide assistance and guidance with funding sources, acquisition closing and post-closing obligations
  • Provide corporate maintenance, support, and guidance

Growing Your Franchise:

  • Develop expansion plans
  • Prepare franchise, license, and development agreements
  • Advise on franchise rights
  • Assist with franchise renewals or transfers
  • Assist with regulatory compliance programs
  • Registration programs
  • Prepare nationwide franchise registrations
  • Prepare risk disclosure documents
  • Develop operations manual and training programs
  • Prepare and review business contracts
  • Provide transactional closing assistance and litigation
  • Provide counsel related to applicable antitrust and securities’ laws
  • Provide guidance related to franchise disputes