Corporate Leadership Collaboration – Profiling Vistage Florida
Corporate Leadership Collaboration – Profiling Vistage Florida
May 23, 2013

By Alissa Simon, Summer Associate for Hunter Business Law and J.D. Candidate May 2015

Yesterday Sheryl Hunter and I met with Cindy L. Hesterman, Chair of three Vistage groups in the greater Tampa Bay area. If you are a business owner or executive, this organization may be the ideal collaborative training and growth program for you.

A combination of the words “vista” and “advantage,” Vistage is an international company that provides members with problem-solving coaching in addition to the opportunity to participate in monthly meetings with other corporate leaders. With a variety of individual membership packages and a worldwide client count of over 15,000, Vistage allows members to grow and succeed within their businesses in a variety of ways. Offering three different program packages, members can be placed in a group with fellow CEOs, fellow small business owners, or fellow senior executives. The average member participates for 6 years and the groups include up to 17 members, facilitating intimate and long-term professional relationships.

  • The first option is the Chief Executive program. For an initial payment and monthly fee, this program provides CEOs and presidents of larger businesses ($5m annual revenue and up) with 2 hours of individual coaching per month and a full day each month of prominent speaker presentations and group collaboration.
  • The second option is the Small Business program. With an initial payment and smaller monthly fee, these business owners, with an employee count of up to 25, each receive 1.5 hours of one-on-one counseling per month and a half-day of prominent speaker presentations and group collaboration.
  • The final option is the Key Executive program, which offers a professional development experience for senior executives and other direct reports of the chief executive. For a one-time fee, Vistage hosts once-a-month, full-day events with well-known speakers and collaboration events with fellow executives. The Key Executive program allows members to purchase one-on-one coaching for an additional cost.

The difference between Vistage and some other similarly situated companies lies in the details. Including the prominent speaker series, personal one-on-one coaching, and a 15,000-member database accessible to all participants, Vistage sets itself apart from its competitors. By allowing members to not only access their local peers but also to seek advice/assistance from would-be competitors around the world, executives can garner support that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to gain.
If you are looking for innovative ways to more effectively manage your business, have a desire to consult with other like-minded individuals, or enjoy helping others find solutions to their business issues, Vistage of Tampa Bay may be a creative way to broaden your network. For more information, see their website at: or call Cindy Hesterman at 727-667-0636.

Disclaimer: Hunter Business Law has no direct experience with or interest in Vistage. Candidates for this program should research the company and the services and make his or her own decision.

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