Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?
Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?
September 24, 2013

I love to highlight smart businesses within our community, especially when the business is offering something as user-friendly and desirable as Savvycard. I am using it and loving it and invite you to check it out. Free and premium versions are available.

An e-business card and so much more, Savvycard, founded by local entrepreneur David Etheredge, is the newest and most innovative way to circulate your business information quickly and effectively. Providing you with the interface of your choice, Savvycard allows you to easily build virtual, mobile websites for your business. Don’t have a business card on you, or prefer to provide someone with more information than a business card allows? Simply text or email them a link to your Savvycard so they can add it to their database, housed on the Savvycard website. If the person with whom you’re communicating wants even quicker access to your information, he or she can also make your Savvycard an individual link on his or her smartphone homepage.

The reason Savvycard has been successful to date is because people understand the importance of referrals. Savvycard puts social media, websites, and all other information an interested party would need to know about a company in one place. It enhances all of a business’ information by making it interactive and easy to share. Users will eventually be able to see all social media right on the cards with the click of a button.

With a substantial and still-increasing team of financial supporters, it looks like Savvycard will be revitalizing the way we connect to businesses. A hub for innovation within our community, ThinkTank St. Petersburg, has shown support for this revolutionary concept by committing its team and resources to making Savvycard’s vision a reality.

Some of the benefits of having a Savvycard include:

* Allowing for marketability of not just businesses but also people, places, events, products, services, etc.
* Allowing your information to be stored on a database that acts as a hub for all other online social media and existing websites.
* Inexpensively obtaining a mobile website, digital business card, outbound marketing tool, referral system, social media hub, and network builder.
* Having other people share your business information for you by way of allowing your Savvycard to be included in group databases in which you are involved.
Obtaining the benefits of a mobile website without the added expense of retaining someone who codes websites, as you are able to create your own.

Some examples of businesses that would benefit from having a Savvycard include:

* Real Estate Agents: Realtors can create property cards for as many properties as they like so they can immediately send interactive property information to interested parties. The benefits of Savvycard for realtors has been recognized by the Miami Association of Realtors which is offering Savvycard to its 30,000+ membership.   press release
* Attorneys and Service Providers: Individuals can easily provide a variety of information about the provider, track where and from whom their cards are passed, and see how leads are generated. Here is my Savvycard (for a reasonable fee I could get fancier with my logo and more features):
* Referral Groups: Business networking groups or leads groups are able to track referrals and provide statistics of their progress.
* Musicians: Artists will be able to share music and provide tour information, MP3 links, etc.
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Savvycard, feel free to contact: David Etheredge (CEO and Co-Founder) at

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